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Witness quizzes upto 25+ categories, and flexibility that can be promoted anywhere within your app without disrupting your existing user flow or ad revenue streams. You can feature our URL in various ways, such as using it as an icon, banner, button, or native banner. The Quiz championships in QurekaLite will enable you to leverage contemporary events such as the IPL and cricket, Bollywood, Technology and other current happenings across the globe. We provide industry-leading eCPMs, and an ARPU per day of INR 1 from Google Adsense for Indian traffic.

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QurekaLite is India's no.1 quiz/trivia destination, available globally, offers fresh, snacky, and boredom-buster content for your users getting repeat usage from them. It will also bring them back to your app resulting in more consumption of your core content.

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Predchamp is India's premier prediction contest site that offers prediction contests on various topics, including Cricket, IPL, Bollywood, or any other current global events. Our content is frequently updated with the latest trends worldwide.

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MGL Gamez has a variety of HTML5 games that can help you increase your app and website revenue and engagement. MGL Gamez provides interactive and entertaining casual games, keeping users engaged within your app for longer durations, and opens avenues for monetization.

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