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Boost your app/website revenue and user engagement without disturbing the existing monetization stack.

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*No SDK integration is required.

What can QurekaLite do for you ?

Through a simple URL integration, you can integrate our H5 games within your app/website, enhancing user engagement and monetization

As India's No. 1 quiz/trivia destination, our monetization stack, backed by programmatic experts, will help enhance your revenue. Our engaging games ensure that users repeatedly open your app/website, leading to more time spent on your platform.

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Know more about QurekaLite: Where Quality Meets Revenue.


Explore a range of innovative M-web products designed to enhance your monetization and user engagement. Our products, including Qurekalite, Predchamp, and MGL Gamez, are designed to help you earn incremental revenue for every DAU while enhancing user engagement on your app. These products feature high-quality ads from leading ad networks

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Thousands of apps worldwide add QurekaLite to enhance their monetization and engagement

We have solutions for all app categories. Just place our icon or banner within your app or website; you will also get suggestions for placements. When your users click on this icon/banner, open your dedicated QurekaLite link. That's it, you will start making revenues.

Incremental revenue for every DAU

We provide you with industry leading eCPMs and better performance than any other ad network.

40% increase in time spend on your product : increasing product engagement:

You’ll experience an increase in users time spent within your product, elevating your retention rate.

Transparency in reporting

We offer complete transparency by providing detailed reports through both the dashboard and AdSense API

Guaranteed payments made within 30 days

Hassle free payments within net 30 days after receiving the valid invoice.

No sacrifices on existing revenue

We make sure that your existing ad revenues never get impacted or compromised.


Integrate Qurekalite and experience industry leading ARPUs.

Get incremental revenue on every DAU

QurekaLite unveiled: A platform to maximizing your earnings

How QurekaLite works for you

  • Place an Icon/banner/button within your app
  • Integrate it with your QurekaLite link
  • That's it! You start making revenues

Ready to boost your App/Website revenue with QurekaLite?

Unlock new revenue streams for your App/Website by seamlessly integrating QurekaLite. Engage users in thrilling games and watch your profits soar. Excited to use QurekaLite?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We’ve answers. If you can’t find what we are looking for, feel free to get in touch

QurekaLite is India's No. 1 mobile web trivia destination that helps app/website publishers in their app/website monetization.

No, your existing ad revenue will not be disturbed. The revenue you generate from existing ads will continue, and after integrating QurekaLite, you will earn additional incremental revenue. For example, if you are currently earning $100 from existing ad revenue, after integrating QurekaLite, you will earn $100+.

Adding QurekaLite takes 20 minutes of your time. No SDK/API integration is required.

Payment will be processed within 30 days after receiving a valid invoice from your side.

No, we do not provide any incentives or money to users. We only offer virtual coins for gamification purposes, which users can redeem by playing games.

Thank you for your submission! We are processing your request.